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    Citizen Game sony-playstation-4-20th

    PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition only £19.94p. One day only.

    You can now buy Sony's 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 system in the UK at an unbelievable price.

    Citizen Game - Happy 20th Birthday playstation - EA

    PlayStation Experience – EA Offering free games

    Free is free. Download now. Or pay later. Choice is all yours.


    Facebook acquires Oculus VR for $2 BILLION

    Farmville in 3D? Yeah, I'd be worried too...


    Gamer Hits One Million Gamerscore

    It's only taken him 8 years of solid graft, but Stallion83 has finally done it.

    video games live

    Video Games Live! finally returns to the UK

    After a six year absence the awesome game music concert tour will play London and Manchester this November.

    Stephen king citizen game

    We’re Looking for New Writers

    Are you interested in contributing news, reviews & original content for 1 of the UK’s fastest growing gaming communities?


    Steam-esque Xbox 360 Sale Underway

    Full list of titles on offer inside.

    Citizen Game New Year Big Ben

    And we’re back! (again)

    Holidays over, we welcome the New Year with open arms and a nervous grin. Welcome to Citizen Game 2013.

    Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

    Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition out for PC today

    Android. iPad and Mac editions delayed due to bugs

    Dragons Dogma

    Dragons Dogma DLC adds harder difficulty, speedrun mode

    Free update coming December 4th

    Stealth Bastard

    Stealth Bastard Deluxe on sale today

    Calling all sneaky arseholes

    3DS XL

    Nintendo giving away free games to 3DS XL owners

    Register with Club Nintendo before January 15th for free download

    Mass Effect 3 Omega

    New Mass Effect 3 DLC takes Shepard back to Omega

    Back to the galaxy´s most wretched hive of scum and villainy

    Hotline Miami

    Hotline Miami 2 confirmed

    Developer slips out info, "sweet tunes"


    Hitman fails to take out Black Ops 2 in UK chart

    Agent 47 no match for the power of COD