Stealth Bastard Deluxe on sale today

Posted November 28, 2012 by Richard Plant in Editorial
Stealth Bastard

Curve Studios are going live with the updated and expanded build of their formerly-free indie espionage puzzle game for PC. By the time you read this, Stealth Bastard Deluxe should be available on Steam for the princely sum of one penny less than seven of your Earth pounds.

We prevoiusly took a look at Stealth Bastard in our Freebie Friday feature, pronouncing it a “well-polished little gem”. Don’t think you’ll be getting ripped off though — the Deluxe edition adds new enemies, gadgets and traps over the course of 80 levels of high-tech escape caper. Among the interesting new features opening up avenues to avoid the inevitable doom of discovery are decoys, teleporters and shadow generators.

“We’ve learned so much since we released the original prototype last year,” says Curve’s Jonathan Biddle. “And it’s all been poured into Stealth Bastard Deluxe. Seeing the game evolve from a single mechanic of “don’t be seen or you will get killed”, into a fully-fledged Steam release has been enormously rewarding.”

Check out the launch trailer below to get a sense of whether its worth engaging the purchasing finger:

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