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    Less humble, more bundle

    The best indie bundle so far keeps getting better.


    Nintendo Direct Pre E3

    Nintendo teases us with Wii U features. What did we learn?


    Diablo beta opens up

    Blizzard taking all comers in open beta weekend

    Prey 2

    Prey 2 delayed

    Bethesda confirms sci-fi shooter still in development, won't release in 2012

    Leisure Suit Reboot

    Leisure Suit Reboot

    Kickstarter project seeks to bring Leisure Suit Larry to the iPhone


    Hack for prizes

    Got a great idea, and the skills to put it into practice? TIGA wants you.


    End of the Game

    Game and Gamestation stores close as high street retailer sheds thousands of jobs


    GAME over?

    UK retailer GAME group cancels Mass Effect 3 pre-orders, will not sell EA games

    At some point in 2012 I will play - Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death

    Pocket some Steam

    Valve starts closed beta test of digital games marketplace mobile application.

    Green Stream

    Green Man Gaming and Gaikai offer game demos in your browser


    BigBig Studios closed

    Sony closes Leamington Spa-based games developer


    No PS4 at E3

    No new kit on show at E3, says Sony chief Kaz Hirai


    Diablo 3 on consoles

    Blizzard exec confirms hack and slash epic not confined to PC


    Game in trouble

    Company shares dive after poor results

    Fallout MMO

    Legal Fallout

    Legal judgement strips Interplay of Fallout MMO rights