Dragons Dogma DLC adds harder difficulty, speedrun mode

Posted November 28, 2012 by Richard Plant in Editorial
Dragons Dogma

The largest post-release update to Capcom’s oddly compelling open world third person RPG is due to drop next week, adding two new mode  to the game about controlling mindless walking meat-sacks or something. Don’t worry, that would have been funny if you’d played it.

The Trial for Adventures: Challenge Pack DLC will be free to download for players on both Xbox Live and Playstation Network, and will add a harder difficulty setting and a speedrun mode designed to extend the longevity of the game. Players who manage to make it through will gain access to powerful weapons and equipment for their characters. Taking care of trailer business below:

All this should tide us over until the planned ‘major expansion’ Dark Arisen, which is currently without a release date more specific than “2013″. No details have yet been forthcoming, aside from the fact that savegames can be carried over from the base game. This may suggest a wholly new adventure in the vein of the Mask of the Betrayer extension for Neverwinter Nights 2, rather than just an additional area added to the existing map.

In the meantime, the PC players among you may wish to peruse this handy petition to get Capcom to bring the game to the king of platforms. Since the success of similar lobbying efforts to get Dark Souls ported across, it seemed the might of the gaming underworld was going to get a second scalp after an official Capcom Twitter account seemed to hint that the game was on its way; sadly it seems that was a miscommunication, so it’s worth your while to keep up the pressure.

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