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    Star Fox Zero

    Star Fox Zero is a frustrating, confused mess of a game that seemingly doesn't know what it's trying to be.
  • tombraiderthumb

    BFTP: Tomb Raider

    As we rapidly approach the franchise's 20th anniversary we dust off this important relic from gaming's past.

    Hyrule Warriors Legends

    Nintendo and Koei Tecmo manage to cram the entire Hyrule Warriors experience onto the 3DS, but at a severe cost.
  • xcom2thumb3

    7 Essential XCOM 2 Tips

    James recently completed XCOM 2 on Commander difficulty in the dreaded Ironman mode. Here are his seven essential tips that got him through it.

    XCOM 2

    X-COM one, X-COM all - it's time to fight off those nasty aliens once again.
  • 2016 Big ben

    So here we are – 2016. How did that happen?

    Christmas is over, we welcome the New Year with open arms and a nervous grin. Welcome to Citizen Game 2016.
  • Kitten in a Christmas tree

    2015 Christmas schedule

    A quick round-up on what'll be up for CG over the next week or so.
    citizengame - Halo5 1

    Halo 5: Guardians – Review

    Halo 5: Guardians breaks momentous new ground for the franchise whilst staying true to its archaic roots.