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    Wii U

    Star Fox Zero

    Star Fox Zero is a frustrating, confused mess of a game that seemingly doesn't know what it's trying to be.


    Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – Review

    After 2012's awful Mario Tennis Open on 3DS, does this Wii U follow-up signify a double fault for Camelot and Nintendo?


    Super Mario Maker – Review

    Does Nintendo deliver on the potential of a fully-fledged Mario level creator?


    Yoshi’s Woolly World

    Does Yoshi's return to home consoles live up to the legacy of its Super NES forbearer?

    splatoon thumb

    Splatoon – Review

    Splatoon is a team-based game that seems to discourage meaningful team-based play whenever it can.

    hyrule warriors 2

    Hyrule Warriors

    Though Its initial announcement baffled and irked many gamers, how did this Koei Tecmo/Nintendo collaboration turn out?