PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition only £19.94p. One day only.

Posted December 9, 2014 by Mark Craven in Editorial
You can now buy Sony’s 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 system in the UK. However there are a number of caveats.

PlayStation Access! on YouTube have recently published a video announcing the various stipulations about how to get your hands on the limited edition PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition. From 11 am (gmt) on Wednesday 10th of December you could be one of the lucky 94 to buy the PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition.

  • Unknown location of the Sony PlayStation 94 store. (Bethnal Green road London)
  • Extremely limited numbers. Super Rare. (94 available)
  • One day only. (Price reverts to retail price after Friday, limited numbers of retail priced consoles available)
  • Prove you are a “Player”. (Bring some old PlayStation memorabilia)
  • Know the secret phrase – “I crashed my Bandicoot”

All proceeds are going towards GamesAid

Don’t worry if you are unable to make it to London on the 10th. On Thursday 11th and Friday the 12th there will be an additional 50 sold each day at recommended retail price. However you put it, chances of getting the extremely desirable console are slim to none.

Good Luck. Let us know if you were lucky enough to get one.


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