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    Citizen Soapbox

    Why IGN probably shouldn’t be working with Game

    Why I don't like the idea of press and retailers collaborating


    E3 2012 Wishlist

    It's that time again! What announcements do you hope will come out of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012?


    More Mass Effect 2 DLC On The Way

    With new Mass Effect 2 DLC details popping up, what would Citizens like to see added to the game?


    Belief in Mod?

    Barry can't play certain games without mods. Is he the only one?

    Should this guy have been a woman too?

    Little Bo Peep

    Mass Effect 3 ignites a storm of space feminism. We need the Citizens to put an end to this argument!

    It's illegal to release an FPS without at least one snow level. Fact!

    Snow Way!

    Snow is a frequently used game mechanic. We want to know which were your favorite moments in the white stuff!

    Oh hello sir, your fail-mountain has arrived.

    Got Bugs?

    Fallout New Vegas has reminded us just how hilarious and annoying bugs can be. So tell us about yours.

    Multiple colours. Just like condoms really.

    Body in Motion

    Shake your hips and wave your hands. You are the controller. If your battery goes out stick this USB wire up your arse.

    Ssssh! Don't tell them I'm hiding!

    e3 2010 Post Mortem

    e3 2010 is just about over for us poor, internet people. So who were your winners and loosers this year?

    Please by our game?! We'll suck yo dick!

    e3 2010 Wishlist

    It's that time again! What announcements do you hope will come out of America's biggest virgin convention?

    Go out and get some exercise you lazy git!

    Summer, summer, summertime!

    Summer is on the way, so will the longer and hotter days guilt you into playing less games? Or do you just not care?


    So..gaming shows!

    As we finish off Citizen Game: Episode One, we ask what you're favourite game shows are and were.

    Demons Souls - as accessible as an upside down wheelchair ramp to idiots like me

    I wish i was better at..

    Gaming has so many diverse game types and genres. So which ones do you wish you were better at?

    World of Warcraft's upcoming

    Eyjafjallajokull Games

    What type of game you would like to see set on an Icelandic volcano? World class shoehorning by Citizen Game!

    Konami know how to make a good demo

    Demo Heaven

    You've played hundreds of demos in your day. Let us know which ones left the biggest impression.