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    Trailer Watch
    diggin in the carts

    Trailer Watch: Diggin’ in the Carts

    A teaser for the now-complete, superb documentary on the history of Japanese game music, featuring the legendary scores of titles such as Sonic, Castlevania, and Street Fighter.

    Citizen Game - amiibo with Super Smash Bros for Wii U

    Trailer Watch – Amiibo with Super Smash Bros

    A story of unrequited love, siblings bullying, and how a training montage conquers all.

    zelda wii u

    Legend of Zelda Wii U First First Look Trailer

    Our first peek at Link's next adventure. Not Hyrule Warriors.

    3ds nintendo

    11 Minutes With Nintendo’s Bonkers 3DS Life Sim

    Take The Sims, replace the cast with Miis, then inject a whole lot of Japan and you'll have Tomodachi Life.

    batman Arkham Knight

    Batman: Arkham Knight Announce Trailer – “Father to Son”

    Yet another Batman Arkham game is coming this year. Here's some CGI that might represent the actual game.


    Hyrule Warriors Teaser Trailer

    Yes, you're comprehending this correctly. A Zelda game from the makers of Dynasty Warriors. No joke.


    Redshirt Trailer

    Science fiction and social networking collide in the management sim that seems made for James. Out now!


    FTL: Advanced Edition

    A new, free expansion is on the way for existing starship captains, plus a brand new iPad version.


    Amazing Frog? 1.3 Update Trailer

    This Swindon-based amphibian escapade reminds us of the whacky fun of physics games. Let's hope it doesn't stay Ouya-exclusive for long.


    Wii Party U Wayne Brady Trailer

    I spent 30 minutes trying to think of a 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' joke. Turns out not many things rhyme with 'Line'.


    Audiosurf 2 Trailer

    Out now on Steam Early Access, the long-awaited rhythm game sequel invites you to 'ride your music'.


    XCOM: Enemy Within Gameplay Demonstration

    A guided tour of the new stuff content coming to 2012's best game.


    Pokémon: The Origin Trailer

    Upcoming TV special goes back to the series' Game Boy roots.


    In Case You Missed It: Nintendo Direct @E3 2013

    Archived version now live if you missed it due to work/school/technical issues.


    Mirror’s Edge Announcement Trailer

    Sequel, reboot, or prequel? Who cares - it's more Mirror's Edge and it's looking absolutely ace.