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    How Videogames Changed the World

    How Videogames Changed the World – TV Spot Mini Review

    It’s not often that video games gets a prime time slot on national TV, so we thought we'd take the time to enlighten those who missed it.


    MS: The Legend of Zelda: A Link the Past

    With its sequel out this week, we remember one of Koji Kondo's musical master works.

    Stephen king citizen game

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    MS: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Before the Michael Jackson and Sonic 3 saga, SEGA had already hired pop royalty to compose for their flagship series.

    soul calibur II

    BFTP Live: Soul Calibur II

    With the HD re-release imminent, James, Andy and Pete remember the game, the series and the genre.


    MS: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    Much like its art style, The Wind Waker's score charts new territory while still encapsulating the spirit of the series.


    Chrono Cross

    James explains why the often forgotten sequel to Chrono Trigger is different but awesome in its own right.

    Citizen Game - Bunny Bonker 9

    Android Game of the week – Bunny Bonker

    It is time to deploy those fast tapping fingers and bonk some bunnies


    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City & Vice City Stories

    Arguably two of the greatest licensed soundtracks in gaming history.


    Game Music Concert Series

    We remember five pioneering albums by the granddaddy of game soundtracks, orchestral performances and concerts.

    CG SimpleRockets

    Android Game of the week – SimpleRockets

    Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist.


    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

    Why you're a bad person if you don't like Majora's Mask... or, at the very least, fail to judge it on its own merits.


    Unlimited Inventory – M.U.D. Tv

    Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television - Turn On, Tune In, Tune out, Turn off.


    Android Game of the week – Dots

    Dots are huge on the high street at the moment and it appears that Dots are back in vogue in puzzle games.

    Citizen Game steam backlog

    Unlimited Inventory

    Thrusting gaming back into the forefront