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    Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision

    Gran Turismo 6 – Top 10 racing cars

    Resident Citizen Game petrol head Joseph Barron breaks down his top 10 racing cars in Gran Turismo 6.

    mario-kart - Citizen Game

    You Don’t Have To Worry About Nintendo’s Future…They’re Not!

    Should you care that they are under-preforming and hemorrhaging money?

    CartSim - Citizen Game 2

    Freebie Friday – Driving Range Golf Ball Picker Upper Cart Simulator 2013

    Learn a valuable lesson in this simulation of a job nobody wants to do

    Supermarine T-224

    World of Warplanes – Free Supermarine T-224 – Give away

    We’ve an exciting opportunity for you to get behind the controls of the Supermarine Type 224 in World of Warplanes.

    Boom Street thumb

    Boom Street Review

    James explains why this oft-forgotten gem plays like a deeper, more strategic version of Monopoly.

    cg ashes analysis

    Citizen Game Ashes Analysis

    Ashes to Ashes - Australia hitting an all-time low

    street fighter II yoko thumb

    MS: Street Fighter II

    Songs to kick arse by.


    Forget the year of Luigi. 2014 is here to save us

    Forget 2013 and the year of Luigi. 2014 is here The International Year of Family Farming and Crystallography!

    Battlefield 4 a - Citizengame

    The Best (and worst) of 2013 – Richard Plant

    Welcome to indie hipster blowhard special!

    Aliens CM - Citizen Game

    The best (and worst) of 2013 – Mark Craven

    There are only three certainties in life – death, taxes and Mark will have football manager on a best loved list.


    MS: Freezeezy Peak – Banjo-Kazooie

    A truly festive number from Rare's Nintendo 64 classic.


    The Best (and worst) of 2013 – Nick Lynch

    Nick's list is all about the big blockbuster releases of 2013, did they all live up to the hype?

    Citizen Game Kitten in Tree

    2013 Christmas Schedule

    A quick round-up on what'll be up for CG over the next week or so.

    Citizen Game - BioShock Infinite

    The Best (and Worst) of 2013 – James Day

    Strategy, RPGs and glorious silliness make up James' favourites list. Will his biggest let down prove to be a (Bio)shock..?

    thumb PS4 Playstation 4 hardware

    PlayStation 4: My First Two Weeks

    Joe Barron chronicles his experiences with Sony's latest machine thus far.