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Posted August 24, 2013 by Mark Craven in Editorial
Citizen Game steam backlog

Okay. I admit it. My previous attempts to play, and therfore dwindle down, my ever growing backlog of un-played games have thus far all been terrible failures.

Back in December 2011 I was full of positive thoughts and actions. My plan was to do precisely what I’m now going to attempt once again.

My first to attempt started on a positive note but quickly lost its way. Now midway through 2013 my backlog is growing at an alarming rate and becoming an embarrassing digital treasure chest.

This time however I’ve got other external factors that should focus my attention. In late 2012 I became a home owner and with that my ability to flitter away hundreds of pounds a month on games has disappeared. But the biggest change has been with my available free time. My day to day working life has gone from strength to strength. The days that I’d work my hours and not a minute more have long disappeared and I’ve reaped the rewards. But as a result, gone is the ability to be spending 100 hours plus playing football manager or spending 24 hours over a weekend playing S.P.A.Z.

Life, for me, in 2013 has become very real. Adult responsibilities has reared their heads and my passion for games has taken a hit.

So this is me thrusting gaming back into the forefront of my free time. Well that is the idea.

So to make this process a somewhat random I’ve got a little excel file generating three possible choices of which I’ll choose one.

First game spewed out by my random generator.


Wish me luck.

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