Freebie Friday – Driving Range Golf Ball Picker Upper Cart Simulator 2013

Posted January 31, 2014 by Mark Craven in Editorial
CartSim - Citizen Game 2

Here at Citizen Game, we’re mighty fond of a bargain. But how do you know if a cheap or even free game is worth your valuable time? After all, you could be out walrus wrestling, or reading poetry to molluscs, or whatever it is important people do these days now that we no longer have an economy. Luckily, our time is worth almost nothing at all, so we’ve plumbed the depths of the Intertubes to bring you our latest feature — Freebie Friday!

I do love a simulation game. Whether hardcore number simulator like Football Manager or mass transit simulator such as Transport Tycoon Deluxe. When it comes down to the core fundamentals I have a strange love of doing something incredibly mundane under increasing difficulty circumstances.  Driving Range Golf Ball Picker-Upper Cart Simulator, CartSim for short, falls firmly into the criteria.

CartSim - Citizen Game 1

The game is ridiculously simple, both mechanically and from a game play perspective. You drive your golf ball picker-upper around the driving range picking up hit balls. Do you risk heading out to the 250-300 yard mark to collect balls and risk new customers ballless? Or do you collect the closest balls for a quick pound? The game is that simple. Alternatively if you get bored you can always mow down defenseless golfers.

All valid tactics I believe.

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