E3 2012 Wishlist

Posted May 30, 2012 by Mark Craven in Editorial

The Citizen Soapbox is an area where we throw out topics to the users of Citizen Game. When we record the podcast on Sunday night we take the previous week’s Soapbox answers and use them in our own discussions. We think it’s a great way of involving you guys in our stupid arguments!

The Setup:

None of us can afford to go to E3, so watching the expo’s live and enjoying the trickles of news that leak out over the weekend is just going to have to do. At this stage you must be thinking of game & console announcements you hope will be true this time next week. Maybe a sequel to your favourite game? Announcements of new Sony and Microsoft console?

The Questions

What are you hoping (or praying) will be announced at E3?

What do you think is probably going to be announced.

Good dog skittles

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