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    F***ING SNIPERS!!!!

    Gamecast 22/03/09

    Denis returns to talk about Final Fantasy 13, Blur, Bad Company 2, child porn on Xbox Live and much more!

    I never would have guessed she was an alien.

    Citizen Heavy Raincast

    Spoilers galore as five of us meet up to talk about our varied experiences playing the PS3 exclusing 'Heavy Rain'.

    Why not play angry birds while you listen (iphone)

    Gamecast 03/03/10

    This week Tamoor & Danny talk about breaking playstations, throwing birds and defendin' da penguins!


    Gamecast 23/02/10

    Tamoor & Danny talk about AvP trade-ins, giving up games for lent, review backlashes and "The Penis King".

    Horah! Fable 3 has touching!

    Gamecast 14/02/10

    Danny & Tamoor talk about X10, Games Room, Perfect Dark on XBLA, Mass Effect 2 and TOUCHING!


    Gamecast 07/02/10

    We're back & talking about the games of 2010, Mass Effect 2, Sonic, Fallout New Vegas & Bad Company 2.

    Robbie Williams

    Gamecast 14/12/09

    We talk about the Spike games awards, games of Christmas past, Chuck Norris, Robbie Williams and more!

    Listen to find out what Flight Sim expansion pack is out this week

    Gamecast 07/12/09

    This week we talk about God of War, party games, Christmas presents, the soapbox, and more Assassin's Creed 2 & L4D2.

    Rarr its monday! Rarrr we want our pocast. rarrr!

    Gamecast 30/11/09

    We talk about Assassinating Italians, gunning down Americans, playing music with Lego and much more!

    We haven't played much Asscreed this weekend. Have you?

    Gamecast 23/11/09

    Floods, exploding projectors, gaming mashups, raising money, not playing AssCreed and this weeks new releases.

    No Modern Warfare 2 Spoliers. We struggle to talk about anything else though

    Gamecast 16/11/09

    We talk about Modern Warfare 2 & misusing celebrities while we wait for Sherlock Homes Vs Jack the Ripper's release.

    DJ Hero

    Gamecast 09/11/09

    Barry, Tamoor and Danny talk Call of Duty Countdown, Sky Player for Xbox 360, Spooky Games, DJ Hero and more.

    We played Saboteur this week. Smoking is cool in Nazi Paris.

    Gamecast 02/11/09

    Danny Denis & Mark sit down to chat about the games they played at this weekends Eurogamer Expo in London.

    Gamecast 19/10/09

    We're Back! No longer must you listen to podcasts from "real" journalists. Listen now & win Left 4 Dead 2 demo Access!

    Remember that one from Leipzig? Where we all got drunk? Yea...

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