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    Gamecast 13/12/11

    RANTS A-HOY!!! Its a post Christmas party hangover fueled Rantcast.


    Gamecast 05/12/11

    Skyward Sword, Sonic, Christmas presents, Castlevania, and James gives us the lowdown on his San Francisco trip


    Gamecast 28/11/11

    This week Richard, Joseph & Nick talk about Amnesia, Dizzy egg, Nick's Zumba hips and Amnesia.


    Gamecast 23/11/11

    Dirty addictions, killing mammoths, Air-bending, and Michael Carrick. Its that kind of Game Cast.


    Gamecast 14/11/11

    This week we talk Dragons, Ogres and Khajiit tails. In moments of non-Skyrim talk we touch on Halo:CE, Rayman and GTA V


    Gamecast 07/11/11

    Sonic Generations, Dark Souls, Battlefield 3, and much much more. Its a podcast!

    Five months in the making. But Finally the ...

    Gamecast 30/10/11

    Its a rough and raw return for the Citizen Gamecast!

    Marcus can't quite believe what he's hearing. A new Citizen Gamecast?!

    Gamecast 05/06/11

    Danny, Denis & Tamoor get together to talk about e3, professional game journalism, shart-attacks and much more.

    Super Meatmazing

    Gamecast 05/12/10

    The boys talk about Dale’s XNA game, Meatboy, Pacman CE DX, Asscreedbro and every game worth buying this Christmas.

    Enslaved got game.

    Gamecast 14/11/10

    Tamoor and Danny put down the controllers and get back on the mic to talk about Black Ops and loads more.

    Wiki, wiki, wiki wild wild west.

    Gamecast 25/10/10

    Danny and Tamoor talk about Fallout: New Vegas, DJ Hero 2, Game Dev Story the Fallout MMO and loads more.

    Do the butslide!

    Gamecast 18/10/10

    Tamoor returns to talk to Danny about Vanquish, Sonic 4, MOH, last weeks live event, LoveFilm and the Games Media Awards.


    Gamecast 04/10/10

    Bulletstorm, Gears, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Enslaved, Crysis and loads more. Hey, Eurogamer happened!

    Getting wet in F1 2010 is far more enjoyable than real life. Mmm moist.

    Gamecast 27/09/10

    We talk about Forumla One 2010, Dead Rising 2, Halo Reach and argue about child molestation in Project Milo. Yup...

    Playstation Move

    Gamecast 21/09/10

    Playstation Move gets reviewed after we talk about FIFA 11, F1 2010, GoldenEye and the insane critical reaction to Reach.