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    Fruit Ninja

    Android game round-up

    A quick and dirty round up of some of the Android phone games that are worth your time and money.


    Blood Bowl League Sign Ups Open!

    We're about to kick off the first Citizen Game Blood Bowl Community League. Sign up here folks.


    On Blood Bowl

    Barry's got a new addiction. Join him for some friendlies and upcoming league play. Blood Bowl! Blood Bowl! Blood Bowl!


    Michael Pachter Must Be Stopped

    I'm utterly sick of the analyst with a prediction for every occasion. What do the rest of you think of Pachter?

    Gamescom Badge

    Bonding through queues

    It's surprising what you talk about during four days of queing for games surrounded by smelly Germans.

    Eating racism German ice cream in a thunderstorm. Gamescom is serious bidniz!

    Das first blogpost straight from Cologne!

    In the post Tamoor talks about crazy Germans and their odd taste in games. Also, send help!

    Gamescom Badge

    Gamescom ist gud ya?

    Talking about FIFA 11, Playstation Move, Kung Fu Riders, the price of soda and seeing the Dance Dance Revolution guy.


    On Minecraft

    I'm addicted to the latest PC indie sensation. Won't you join me?


    Koln / Cologne / Koeln?

    It's nearly time to board the plane to Gamescom 2010. Here's some info about how we plan to cover the event.