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    Emotional Detachment

    Hey you! Big tough man! Do video games have the ability to make you cry? I bet they do!

    Blood Bowl Update – Round Six

    The penultimate round of general play, and some hot Dwarf on Dwarf action. Oh yes.

    A Look Back

    CG's crack video reviewer Mark Dell takes a look at that hot new hunting game on the NES.

    Blood Bowl Update – Round Five

    The bloodiest, most brutal round of play yet! Injuries and deaths galore as we wrap up Round Five of the Citizen Gamebowl.

    1000 needles

    Relapse: Your Talents Have Been Reset

    In the first entry in my new World of Warcraft diary 'Relapse', I get reacquainted with an old friend and go exploring.

    Blood Bowl Update – Round Four

    Citizen Gamebowl Winter 2010 Round Four results, analysis and two match videos.

    Blood Bowl Update – Round Three

    We've wrapped up Round 3 of the Citizen Gamebowl Winter 2010. League update ahoy!

    Blood Bowl Update – Round Two

    The Citizen Gamebowl Winter 2010 continues apace as we move through Round Two. Here are the results and more.

    Blood Bowl Update – Round One

    Citizen Game's first Blood Bowl competition is go and the first round results are in! (Sort of.)

    Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

    Extra Life is on this weekend. Help Mark raise money for kids as he plays video games on Saturday.

    Whip it, baby.

    At Eurogamer: The Wrap Up

    Bye bye Eurogamer Expo. See you next year. Barry does a quick wrap up on the event.

    This is where you should be this Saturday

    Creating the Public Review

    Ahead of this Saturday's event, I feel like I want to explain where the idea for the Citizen Public Review came from.

    At Eurogamer: Day 1

    It was hectic day comprised mostly of queuing, but somehow I made through. Day 1 of the EG Expo down.

    To Eurogamer!

    The Eurogamer Expo kicks off and all of Citizen Game is in town for it. Are you going? I'm totally going.

    Open Feint for Android

    I'm meeting the Open Feint team tomorrow. Do you have any questions for the team behind games like Fruit Ninja?