Red Orchestra 2 releases new free content DLC

Posted November 20, 2012 by Richard Plant in Editorial

Tripwire have been more than generous with players of their online-focused realistic shooter, periodically releasing multiple free content packs adding maps and modes. The latest addition, the Fall 2012 pack, adds a new map plus a slew of badly-needed fixes.

The new map, Barashka, is an update of a fan favourite from the original Red Orchestra game. Playable in both Territory and Conquest modes, there will be the opportunity to use combined arms to shed the blood of the hated foe in struggle for bridges and river crossings. Check out the trailer for some sexy running action.



Speaking of Countdown mode, the new update promises to simplify the interface, making it easier for players to understand just what the hell is going on. You’ll also find a bunch of other fixes, including the ability to move while firing machine guns from the hip, increased stamina in Classic mode and improvements to the chat system.

We found Red Orchestra 2 to be a surprisingly deep and engaging online shooter, marred by some pretty glaring flaws in execution. With their commitment to bug-fixing and releasing new content, perhaps it’s worth taking another look at Tripwire’s baby.

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