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    OUYA: The revolution?

    What exactly is OUYA? And should we even care?


    Jonas Kyratzes on capitalism, indie games and the Lands of Dream

    Indie developer and creator of The Sea Will Claim Everything explains why he's glad to be an indie developer, even if the world needs to change.


    Mario Tennis Week Recap

    With the Wimbledon Championships under way there's no better time to check out our exhaustive Mario Tennis coverage.

    2009 Audi R8 LMS

    Forza Motorsport 4 – Top 10 racing cars

    Resident Citizen Game petrol head Joseph Barron breaks down his top 10 racing cars in Forza 4.


    Essential E3 Trailers

    Forget watching boring press conferences, we've got all the best game trailers and footage wrapped up.


    Returning to Tamriel

    Skyrim has held many surprises- some pleasant, some less-so.

    I done a fire, sorry

    Guild Wars 2 Interview

    ArenaNet designers give the lowdown on what players can expect from upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2

    It's quiet. Too quiet.

    Guild Wars 2 preview

    We run down the exciting features that mark Guild Wars 2 out from the MMORPG crowd


    The Most Shocking Moments in Mass Effect 3

    Dannnnnnggggggg. Spoilers!



    Rudimentary blocks have never looked so good


    El-Shaddai Interview

    We talk to Creative Director Sawaki Takeyasu about re-imagining the Bible


    Eye Toy

    How when games strive to be ultra realistic has the human eye not yet been fully actualised?


    Comic Madness

    Why are games based on movies so bad?


    Fallen Champions

    Neocore explain how they bridged the gap to King Arthur II.