Pokémon X and Y Debut Trailer

Posted January 8, 2013 by James Day in Video

Nintendo caused quite a stir in the gaming community this morning when it announced the next duology in its juggernaut Pokémon franchise.

After days of hyping their dedicated Pocket Monsters Nintendo Direct broadcast, the company managed to surprise even crusty and jaded Nintendo fans like myself by revealing that the next games would finally feature polygonal 3D overworlds and battles. Believe it or not, the mainline Pokemans have been strictly two dimensional ever since the 1996 originals debuted on the monochrome Game Boy.

Coming to the 3DS in October, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will also mark the first time a game in the series will launch worldwide at the same time so they’ll be no more agonising waits pouring over Japanese screenshots and info for Pokéfans. Let’s hope there’ll be more substantial changes and additions beyond the presentation and that the 3D world will go beyond superficiality.

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