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Andrew Murray

A long-time gamer, particularly keen on the retro side of things - although I do love my PS Vita and a bit of Fallout 3 to boot.

Andy Griffiths

Barry White

Citizen Game's Editorial Chief

Ben Borthwick

Chris Spence

Chris Spence

Tattooed, pierced, gamer, comic-collector, film buff and I love to bathe in overall geekness!

Daniel Lipscombe

Danny Moore

Danny O'Dwyer

David Nurse

Denis Walsh

If this site was a game of Pokémon Danny would be Ash and I'd be the generic Rival.With an older brother into gaming I was always following the paths he walked, so sadly we were a sega house when I was young.I mostly deal in RTS, Sports games, and illogical rants.

James Day

James Day

James likes video games and writing. Nintendo and Star Trek are also among the things he likes.

Jay Krieger

Student by day ,freelance writer by night, I go where the games go.

Joseph Barron

Freelance Writer. Racing games & F1 expert. You can find Joe's words on Citizen Game, GameSpot, PocketGamer and more.

Mark Craven

Mark Craven

Senior editor at Full time Jaffa Cake Dunker.

Mark Dell

Matthew Woolley

Nick Lynch

Part time gamer, photographer, drummer, tweeter and wannabe journalist. Full time Internet Hero. Follow me on Twitter:

Paul Walker

PKD aficionado, Slavoj Žižek enthusiast, Arsenal Fan and gamer. The last racing game I enjoyed was Carmageddon, because you didn't have to race.

Richard Plant

Author, producer, dreamweaver… also actor. Willing to talk at length about JRPGs for food.

Richard Plant

Simon O' Connor

Tamoor Hussain

A lover of games and a writer of words - man that is lame.


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