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    Marcus can't quite believe what he's hearing. A new Citizen Gamecast?!

    Gamecast 05/06/11

    Danny, Denis & Tamoor get together to talk about e3, professional game journalism, shart-attacks and much more.


    So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Dubai.

    Ahead of this weekend's new Citizen Gamecast I have some explaining to do about what's happened and what's coming.

    Should this guy have been a woman too?

    Little Bo Peep

    Mass Effect 3 ignites a storm of space feminism. We need the Citizens to put an end to this argument!

    It's illegal to release an FPS without at least one snow level. Fact!

    Snow Way!

    Snow is a frequently used game mechanic. We want to know which were your favorite moments in the white stuff!

    1000 needles

    Relapse: Your Talents Have Been Reset

    In the first entry in my new World of Warcraft diary 'Relapse', I get reacquainted with an old friend and go exploring.

    Super Meatmazing

    Gamecast 05/12/10

    The boys talk about Dale’s XNA game, Meatboy, Pacman CE DX, Asscreedbro and every game worth buying this Christmas.


    Gran Turismo 5

    Six years in the making, GT5 has finally arrived. But has the racing genre moved on from the real driving simulator?


    Episode Four

    In Episode Four Danny, Tamoor and Mark travel to Germany to play video a different country!


    Poker Night at the Inventory

    Welcome to The Inventory, poker club of choice for some of game culture's funniest characters. So is it worth the buy-in?

    LOVEFiLM Playstation 3 Review

    The PlayStation 3 has a new movie streaming service. So the question is, will you fall in love with LOVEFiLM?

    Enslaved got game.

    Gamecast 14/11/10

    Tamoor and Danny put down the controllers and get back on the mic to talk about Black Ops and loads more.

    FORMULA ONE F1 2010.php

    F1 2010

    Get to the grid! This Sunday we're getting together to play some F1 2010 - right after the final race of this year's season.


    Review Roundup: Black Ops

    The embargo has been lifted. Time to see how the mainstream and enthusiasts press thought of Black Ops.

    Oh hello sir, your fail-mountain has arrived.

    Got Bugs?

    Fallout New Vegas has reminded us just how hilarious and annoying bugs can be. So tell us about yours.

    Wiki, wiki, wiki wild wild west.

    Gamecast 25/10/10

    Danny and Tamoor talk about Fallout: New Vegas, DJ Hero 2, Game Dev Story the Fallout MMO and loads more.