ShopTo Prices Wii U

Posted June 10, 2012 by James Day in Editorial

Online retailer ShopTo is now taking pre-orders for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console and has placed a tentative price on the system.

It’s listing black and white variants of Nintendo’s next home console for the price of £279.85.

Sound like an odd figure? Remember that the original Wii launched at almost exactly one hundred pounds less at £179.99 in the UK. Many industry insiders have speculated that Wii U will cost significantly more than its predecessor due to its hybrid tablet controller and this price point seems to reflect that.

Nintendo has yet to release the official price for the system and is likely gauging the reception it received at this year’s E3 before setting one. It used the same strategy two years ago to determine the launch price for its 3DS portable.

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