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Posted May 11, 2012 by Mark Craven in Editorial

Here at Citizen Game, we’re mighty fond of a bargain. But how do you know if a cheap or even free game is worth your valuable time? After all, you could be out walrus wrestling, or reading poetry to molluscs, or whatever it is important people do these days now that we no longer have an economy.

Luckily, our time is worth almost nothing at all, so we’ve plumbed the depths of the Intertubes to bring you our latest feature — Freebie Friday!

This week, we’re looking at Digital a love story

Digital: A Love Story is set ‘five minutes into the future of 1988’, and is one of the most engrossing games I’ve played in years.  My first flirting with the internet came thanks to AOL and their aggressive mid nineties postal marketing campaign. It felt like there’d be a new AOL CD dropping through the letterbox everyday. So despite rapidly approaching my thirties I have no knowledge of or experience using a Bulletin Board System – the message boards that pre-web modem users could use to communicate with other early adopters.

Digital: A Love Story is an interactive fiction game created by Christine Love.  Set entirely within an Amiga Workbench styled desktop, you are just a BBS user, when you meet someone interesting. At the start of your adventure a message in your inbox offers a phone number for you to dial up and log into your first BBS. That is essentially it. Initially the game feels slow paced and for a game that is branded as “interactive fiction” it is distinctly detached. This detachment predominantly comes from the fact that you don’t see your responses to messages. But the sense of detachment quickly dissolves and the unnamed protagonist becomes you, and you are writing the messages in your head.

Digital: A Love Story isn’t for everyone. Even for an interactive fiction game the gameplay is unconventional. On times the story is borderline ridiculous, but the dialogue is well-written and intriguing . If you’re looking for a good few hours of unique entertainment, I recommend checking out Digital: A Love Story.

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