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Turn based fire really hurts!



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The godfather of first person shooters comes to the iPhone with a turn-based, role-playing twist.

by Jay Krieger
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“Mein Liben!” Wolfenstein RPG comes to the iPhone with enjoyable turn based combat, role-playing elements, the occasional bug and recycled environments.

In Wolfenstien RPG you play, once again, as B.J Blaskowitz, tasked with invading Castle Wolfenstein and basically killing everything that moves. The combat is turn based meaning you move, shoot and use your inventory first, and then wait to let your enemies move or fight back. It takes a while to adjust to the stop, shoot and repeat mechanic, which will certainly turn off some gamers. Most of the game is spent crawling corridors and exploring outdoor areas, but these are broken up with some on-rails vehicle sections. These are not only boring but don’t really fit-in with the turn based gameplay and feel unnecessary. The biggest turn off of Wolfenstein RPG would have to be the random bugs and game crashes that didn’t occur very often yet still left me frustrated.

Turn based fire really hurts!

Turn based fire really burns!

On a positive note, Wolfenstein does a great job of providing nostalgic moments with certain Easter eggs like posters referring to Wolf 3d popping up around the castle and by using classic sound effects. The game looks great on the iPhone, with enemies having a comic book style look and highly detailed enviroments that unfortunately end up being recycled throughout the game. Breaking up the games somewhat stale formula are RPG elements that add to the game play nicely. Your character gains experience every time you destroy an enemy or object and will eventually level up giving you more health and better combat stats. You will come across numerous syringes that give you special abilities for a specific amount of time. Some of these syringes can really turn the tide of the tougher encounters.

At a £1.79 price tag, role-playing-game enthusiasts and fans of original will enjoy Wolfenstien RPG. However hardcore shooter fans may be turned off by the slower gameplay, not to mention  all the random crashes and bugs.

Jay Krieger

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    Danny O'Dwyer
    October 28, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    I still cant get past the first vehicle section. It annoys me so much that I keep dying right at the end, Up to that point I was really enjoying the game. Its worth getting for the price though.