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Doom Resurrection



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Doom 3 goes all portable in this on-rails reimagining of 2004′s scariest game. No need to upgrade your PC this time!

by Jay Krieger
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Hell comes to the iPhone in the form of Doom: Resurrection. It’s the same old baddies, but in a brand new formula.

Running and gunning has been Doom’s formula for years, but this iteration in the series is trying out a new style of gameplay.  Doom: Resurrection for the iphone is an on-rails shooter that feels like a mission pack for Doom 3, as you encounter many of the same enemies and recycled environments from Doom 3. In spite of this, Resurrection’s controls and great visuals keep it fun from start to finish.

Resurrection follows the events of Doom 3 as you play a marine, deployed to the UAC facility to help close a portal to hell. You spend the duration of your time tilting the iphone to aim your various shotguns and machineguns and use the doge button to avoid incoming enemy projectiles.  You’re guided down sets of corridors, engaging enemies from out in the open or behind cover.

So their not as scary as Doom 3, but they can still take a beating.

So their not as scary as Doom 3, but they can still take a beating.

The player has the option of tackling the campaign in four different difficulties as well as trying their hand at the many challenge rooms that give you special objectives. Resurrection re-uses a lot of the enemies and environments from Doom 3, and while this doesn’t make it any less fun, it would have been nice to see some new content.  The environments, textures and visual effects look fantastic on the iPhone, and dispite the repitition are broken up quite well.

Doom: Resurrection is a bit on the pricey side at £3.99, but when you consider it takes full advantage of the iPhone’s hardware, has an enjoyable story mode and countless challenge rooms, it’s certainly worth the entrance fee.

Jay Krieger

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Jay Krieger

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    November 27, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Savage game, well worth the 4 yoyo.


    Danny O'Dwyer
    November 20, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Think I might get it now after all. A little bit more action orientated than Wolfenstien